Bito AI: A Swiss Army knife in your IDE that can 10x your dev life

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We at Bito are super excited to bring you Bito AI, a product that we think can transform your development experience. We want to help you be a 10x developer, or at least save a couple of hours a day!

As a developer there are so many things to do, from actually writing code, to testing it, to remembering syntax, understanding new code, making your code secure and performant, etc – the list goes on and on. Many of them are boring, and don’t let you focus on high impact work. 😤

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We thought wouldn’t it be great if we could use AI to help you do this, and thus Bito’s AI was born.

🤞 Bito’s AI Assistant is like a Swiss Army knife that can do so many things – and make you that elusive 10x developer!

It works right in your favorite IDE (we support Visual Studio Code and all Jetbrains IDEs like IntelliJ, PyCharm, GoLand, etc) and is also available as a Chrome Extension.

Bito AI is a FREE app! 👍

What can you do with Bito’s AI Assistant?

Basically, ask any technical question:

🔥 Generate Code
Say things like “code in java to convert a number from one base to another”, or “code to implement a simple rest API in go”

☝️ Command Syntax
“how to set git config variables”, or even use it on AWS “create an encrypted s3 bucket using the AWS cli”

🥇 Build Test Cases
“Generate test cases for this code” by selecting a piece of code

🔑 Explain code
“explain this code” will tell you in plain English what the code is doing

✍️ Comment Method
“Explain this code and explain the parameters”

⚡ Improve Code Performance
“how can I improve performance of this code” and watch Bito give you step by step instructions

🔒 Check Security And Risks
“Is this code secure?”

📽️ Explain Concepts
"explain B+ trees, give an example with code", or ask it things like “explain banker’s algorithm”

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How Bito Gets This Superpower

Trained on billions of lines of code and millions of docs, it’s pretty incredible what AI can help you do without having to search the web or waste time on tedious stuff.

We'd love to have you try it out, let us know what you think! It’s totally free. We know we have a long way to go, but your feedback will make it incredible!

One more thing: Security is something we take very seriously, and we never store or view your code in any way.

Thanks so much for your feedback.

Please email us at with any questions, we are really eager to get your thoughts.

-Amar, Anand, and Mukesh

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