Get Bito’s latest Global Developer Report on AI Use in Software Development! Download Now
Get Bito’s latest report on AI Use in Software Development! Download Now
Privacy and security

AI with Enterprise-grade Security

Supercharge your SDLC with Generative AI

Bito Trust Framework for Enterprise-grade security

Leverage Generative AI in your SDLC without compromising the security of your code and other sensitive data

Bito AI Apps and Solutions

IDE Extensions

Your dev teams Al assistance in IDE (VS Code and JB)


Your dev teams Al assistance in terminal

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation in your development pipeline

Bito AI Platform


Create powerful yet easy to use prompts for interactive chat or SDLC automation with Bito’s “Prompt Definition Langauge”

Code Graph (RAG)

Bito Al understands your codebase without compromising code security, to ground Al responses to your codebase via RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation)

Model Orchestration

Bito automatically selects the best-fit foundation model for every Al prompt to get the most optimal results

Moderation and Safety

Interactions with Bito AI are auto-moderated and managed for toxicity and harmful inputs and outputs

Foundation Models

* For enterprises looking for the highest level of security, Amazon Bedrock and Azure OpenAI are available to host AI models within your organization’s own VPC. 
Please contact to inquire about this Enterprise capability.

Zero-code and data retention

Bito and third-party LLM providers never store or use your code, prompts, or any other data for model training or any other purpose.

3rd party cloud security

Leverage services such as AWS Bedrock and Azure AI to provide best-in-class LLM security in your own VPC

Grounded to your codebase

Achieve personalized, accurate AI results grounded to your codebase without compromising code security.

Moderated and brand-safe AI interaction

All interactions with Bito AI are auto-moderated to prevent toxic and brand-risky behaviors.

Secure communication and infrastructure

All Bito server interactions happen over HTTPS with full data encryption in transit
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