Get a 1-month FREE trial of Bito’s AI Code Review Agent Β 
Get a 1-month FREE trial
of Bito’s AI Code Review Agent
Bito personalizes its answers to you

AI that understands your code

Easily use the power of Bito AI on your existing codebase

Personalized answers, your code

Receive personalized, context-aware answers drawn directly from the knowledge within your own codebase.

Chat with your code

Ask any question in plain English and receive answers directly from your codebase. Use this to swiftly grasp new code, locate code related to a feature or a bug, or learn about dependencies.

Personalized AI Answers

Whether it’s generating new code, refactoring existing code, or creating test cases, Bito incorporates local code knowledge to provide personalized, accurate responses.

Automated, secure and private

Bito uses embeddings to create a vector index of your code, which is stored locally on your computer for optimal privacy and security. This index is consistently updated to reflect your evolving code, to keep the local code understanding up-to-date.
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