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Faster, better AI-powered code reviews.
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AI chat

Intelligent conversations

Unleash the power of Context-Aware AI Chat right in your IDE

Unparalleled Assistance with AI Chat

Instant, interactive answers to your technical questions, and user-friendly tools to use responses in your coding workflow

Interactive conversation

Bito AI understands and remember your conversation, generating precise responses to your technical questions in an interactive mode.

Refine results

Easily steer your conversation towards your intended outcome. A simple click allows you to regenerate the AI’s response or modify your prompt

Resume conversations

Your chat sessions are securely stored locally, allowing you to easily retrieve and continue any past conversation. Bito intelligently picks up the context right from where you left off

Share instantly

Instantly share a chat session or specific response with colleagues. With a simple click, generate a permalink for email or messaging apps like Slack, or post directly to Twitter.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can navigate the Bito UI with standard keyboard actions such as TAB, SHIFT+TAB, ENTER, and ESC keys, plus many more

20+ spoken languages

Bito will automatically generate text output in the language of your choice, supporting languages from English to Chinese to GermanΒ 

50+ programming languages

Bito is comfortable conversing in over 50 programming languages, from Javascript to Go to Cobol to SQL
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