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About Us

We believe that developers are driving the innovations of the future

We're here to accelerate that!

Message from the founders

Using AI to super charge your development, every day!

We believe that the future of innovation lies in the hands of talented dev teams that bring concepts and ideas to life. From handling huge data sets to flying cars to web3, dev teams will be the master masons behind intelligent software that powers mankind’s greatest inventions.

We believe AI can be a powerful supercharger to supercharge productivity as devs innovate the future. We’re reimagining software development to make dreams a reality through AI-driven development.

We believe this can dramatically accelerate the impact a new or even an experienced developer can have and be the key to faster output, fewer bugs, and more time spent on critical thinking and less time on menial work.

Everything we do here at Bito is to empower dev teams to be at their best every day, so they can go ahead and build the world of tomorrow.

Jump aboard, let’s go!

Amar, Anand & Mukesh
Co-founders of Bito

Meet the founders

Our founders have started, built, and taken PubMatic public, a company worth over US $2 billion. We are looking to take our learnings, learn a lot along with you, and do something even more exciting this time.

Amar Goel

Co-founder and CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Amar co-founded Bito in 2021 with Anand and Mukesh and is CEO. Developers are one of the biggest forces to change this world and make all the innovation we dream up possible, so tools to help them work faster and better help the whole world!
Prior to this, Amar founded PubMatic in 2006, serving as the company’s first CEO. PubMatic went public in 2020 and currently trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange: PUBM.

In addition to PubMatic, Amar also founded several other companies, including Komli Media, the leading independent advertising technology platform in the APAC region. As a 19-year-old student at Harvard University, Amar co-founded Over five years he grew the business to approximately $30M in annual sales, making the fastest-growing ecommerce website at that time. Amar has previously led sales for a digital advertising business for Microsoft in the US, and working at McKinsey & Co. and Netscape in a variety of consulting and engineering roles.

He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University.

Anand Das

Co-founder and CTO

Anand is co-founder and CTO of Bito.

Formerly, he was CTO at Eyeota which was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet for $165M in 2021. He led the company’s technical strategy, product innovation and spearheaded the development of Eyeota audience technology platform.

Prior to joining Eyeota, Anand co-founded and was CTO of of PubMatic in 2006, which went public in 2020 (NASDAQ: PUBM). Anand was responsible for establishing the company’s technical vision, innovating on incredible technical complexity, and positioning PubMatic for future growth. He led the building of software systems handling over 300 billion ad auctions per day that generate over 100 terabytes of data per day across a global cloud network owned and provisioned by PubMatic.

Prior to PubMatic, he held various engineering roles at Panta Systems, a high-performance computing startup led by the CTO of Veritas, and at Veritas and Symantec, where he worked on a variety of storage and backup products.

Anand has seven patents to his name in systems software, storage software, advertising and application software. Anand also served on the IAB tech lab board of directors from 2015 to 2018 and is on the board of TruckX and an advisor to Lemma Technologies a DOOH startup and AmplifyReach a conversational automation platform.

He holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University Of Pune, India.

Mukesh Agarwal

Co-founder and Product Head

Mukesh is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Bito. He is passionate about building simple, intuitive, and powerful products to delight customers.

Formerly, he was a Partner at Ernst & Young where he founded a product incubation lab, ideating and launching enterprise products for the company’s Customer Experience & Growth practice.

Mukesh has two decades of product and engineering leadership experience in enterprise SaaS. He was CEO and Co-Founder of RevX, an e-Commerce advertising platform, which was acquired by Affle.

Prior to RevX, he headed Product Management at Komli Media, a leading digital advertising company in APAC.
Mukesh spent the early part of his career at Microsoft leading engineering and product management in Outlook, Dynamics CRM, and Bing product groups.

Mukesh holds a BS/MS in Computer Science and MBA from the Wharton School. He is an avid yoga and meditation practitioner. He loves to cook and mix cocktails.


We believe in developers to drive the innovations of the future

If you want to go fast, go alone. 
If you want to go far, go together


To empower developers with an AI-driven platform that enables them to win

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