Introducing Bito’s AI Code Review Agent: cut review effort in half 
Introducing Bito’s AI Code Review Agent: cut review effort in half
AI Agents

Cut code review effort in half

Offload busy work and get better code reviews with AI

Spend human hours on more rewarding work

More frequent, automated AI-driven code reviews mean more meaningful peer reviews when it counts.

Line-by-line reviews

Examine each line of code with AI-powered context including suggestions from third-party tool such as Snyk or Sonar in your CI/CD pipeline

In-depth static code analysis

Get actionable suggestions for code fixes, including error identification, quality, performance, security improvements, plus built-in OWASP and OSS vulnerability scanning

Structured pull request summaries

AI excels at organizing complex data into concise pull request summaries, rating each for quality, effort, and prioritizing suggestions, enabling you to concentrate on what matters most

Fully secure and flexible

Run on-premise or via Bito cloud to meet your security needs, with seamless integration across GitHub, GitLab, and more

Bring AI efficiency to code reviews

Built on top of Bito’s Dev Agent framework (coming soon), the AI Code Review Agent is designed for teams ready for a better pull request.

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