See How Developers are Using AI in Software Development – Get Bito’s Latest Global Survey Report Now! 
See How Devs are Using AI in Software Development – Get Bito’s Latest Report 
Bito for CLI

Right where you need it

Seamless integration of Bito in your terminal

Use Bito right from the CLI

Integrate directly into your command-line interface, bringing intelligent, responsive help to your console commands.

Interactive chat

Engage with Bito’s CLI chat with the same power as you would in VSCode or JetBrains extensions. It remembers your conversation, delivering precise, interactive responses to your technical questions.

Prompt file input

Create comprehensive, reusable prompts in a file. Input these prompts to Bito CLI via command-line parameter for executing complex operations efficiently and repeatedly.

Custom templates

Use Bito CLI commands in scripting language of your choice, automate workflows, and integrate powerful AI capabilities into code review and CI/CD processes.

Get Bito for IDE of your choice