AI Code Completion

Effortless coding

Get high-quality autocompletions as you write code in the editor

You Lead, Bito Assists

Get multiple options to automatically complete a line or block as you write code. Supporting a wide range of over 35 programming languages—from Python to SQL, from C++ to Go and JavaScript

Advanced AI models

Bito uses industry-leading AI models to generate high-quality coding suggestions as you write code in the editor

Completions from AI that understands your code

Bito understands your entire codebase to ensure AI generated code conforms to your coding standard, and integrates well with your existing code

Line or block completion

Bito learns from your code in real-time, offering multiple suggestions to complete the line or block for you to select.

Comment-driven coding

Describe functionality with comment in your editor and Bito auto-generate code options that you can pick from.
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