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Faster, better AI-powered code reviews.
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Prompt templates

Lightning fast

Use one-click templates to supercharge your dev workflow

One-click prompt templates

Boost your productivity and code quality with optimized prompt templates, designed to perform a diverse range of AI operations on your code

Built-in templates

The pre-optimized prompts are designed to simplify tasks like code explanation, commenting, and performance optimization, streamlining your coding workflow.

Custom templates

Create, save, and run your personalized prompt templates for a custom-tailored AI experience. Use macros to insert selected code in the template, to build your own AI workflow

Diff view

Bito ensures you’re in charge. Whenever a template modifies your code, the proposed changes are displayed in a side-by-side diff view, enabling you to review and accept the changes.

Prompt Hub

Creating an effective prompt is key to quality AI responses. Explore Prompthub for essential guidebooks and a selection of developer-centric prompts, created by the Bito team and our vibrant community.
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