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How to Review Pull Requests at Scale using AI

How to Review Pull Requests at Scale using AI

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Modern software development thrives on continuous improvement. Code reviews are a critical part of this process, ensuring code quality, consistency, and catching bugs early. However, reviewing pull requests at scale can be challenging, especially for large codebases or frequent deployments. This is where AI Code Review Agent comes in, offering significant benefits for developers. 

AI Code Review Agent analyzes code in pull requests on platforms like GitHub and GitLab to identify and address issues related to security, performance, scalability, optimization, and code structure. 

To quickly get started, you can configure the Agent in Bito Cloud. Basically, you just need to connect your GitHub/GitLab repository with AI Code Review Agent and it will automatically review new pull requests. 

Tailored Code Reviews with Specialized Commands

The AI Code Review Agent goes beyond basic checks. It offers a suite of commands that cater to developers’ specific needs. You can manually trigger a code review by entering any of these commands in the comment box below a pull/merge request on GitHub or GitLab and submitting the comment. Alternatively, you can configure these commands in the file for automated code reviews. 

Code Review Commands:

  • Broad Review: Use /review for a general overview of your code changes. This identifies improvement opportunities across various aspects, focusing on readability, maintainability, and overall code health – ideal for catching non-critical issues before a deeper dive. 
  • Deep Dives: For detailed analyses in specific areas, leverage the following commands: 
    • /review security: Analyzes code to identify security vulnerabilities and ensure secure coding practices.
    • /review performance: Evaluates code for performance issues, identifying slow or resource-heavy areas.
    • /review scalability: Assesses the code’s ability to handle increased usage and scale effectively.
    • /review codeorg: Scans for readability and maintainability, promoting clear and efficient code organization.
    • /review codeoptimize: Identifies optimization opportunities to enhance code efficiency and reduce resource usage. 

You can combine these commands with commas for a multi-faceted analysis. For example, /review performance,security,codeoptimize performs all three analyses simultaneously. 

Effortlessly Resolve Issues

Large codebases and frequent deployments can lead to a backlog of pull requests. 

Bito’s AI Code Review Agent tackles this challenge head-on by not only identifying potential problems but also providing solutions. 

It analyzes the changes and prioritizes critical areas for improvement, offering the fix as a comment alongside the problematic line(s) within the pull request diff. 

This empowers developers and code reviewers to address even complex problems swiftly, freeing up valuable time. 

For instance, the Agent can pinpoint potential security vulnerabilities in sensitive parts of the codebase, like authentication or authorization logic. It doesn’t just flag the issue, but suggests the exact lines of code to modify or functions to implement, effectively mitigating critical risks early in the development cycle. 

This eliminates the need for developers to spend time researching and implementing fixes, streamlining the remediation process. 

Similarly, the Agent can identify performance bottlenecks in heavily used code sections. By highlighting these areas and proposing concrete optimizations, the Agent empowers developers to focus their code review efforts on the most impactful changes, ensuring a smooth user experience. The Agent’s solutions might include alternative algorithms, data structures, or code restructuring techniques, all tailored to the specific bottleneck identified. This eliminates guesswork and allows developers to confidently implement the suggested fix, improving code performance without extensive manual effort. 

Enforcing Consistency and Best Practices

Maintaining a large codebase becomes easier with the consistent style and structure enforced by Bito’s AI Code Review Agent. The Agent flags deviations from coding standards and best practices, prompting developers to adhere to established guidelines. This promotes code readability and reduces the mental overhead required to understand unfamiliar code structures. 

For example, the Agent can identify unused variables or functions, clutter that can make code harder to understand. By flagging these elements, the Agent encourages developers to clean up their code, improving long-term maintainability. 

Furthermore, the Agent can enforce consistent formatting conventions like indentation and spacing. This uniformity makes code visually easier to parse and reduces the cognitive load on developers navigating the codebase. A consistent codebase also simplifies onboarding new team members, as they don’t need to waste time deciphering inconsistent coding styles. 

Fostering Knowledge Sharing and Team Development

Bito’s AI Code Review Agent provides developers with valuable insights and suggestions for improvement. The Agent highlights areas where code could be refactored for better efficiency or readability, offering opportunities for developers to learn and grow their coding skills. 

This knowledge sharing fosters a culture of continuous learning within development teams. Junior developers can benefit from the Agent’s suggestions, understanding best practices and alternative coding approaches. Senior developers can leverage the Agent’s insights to identify opportunities for code improvement, leading to a more robust and maintainable codebase. 

Furthermore, the Agent can help identify code duplication across the codebase. By flagging these redundant sections, the Agent encourages developers to refactor the code for better organization and maintainability. This collaborative approach to code review, facilitated by the Agent, strengthens the overall coding expertise within the development team. 


Manual pull request reviews are essential but face limitations when scaling development efforts. AI-powered tools like AI Code Review Agent offer an effective solution. By combining AI’s efficiency with human expertise, developers can achieve faster reviews, improved code quality, and a more collaborative development environment. 

The Agent’s automated checks free up developer time, allowing them to focus on complex issues and provide high-level code review. This faster review process leads to quicker pull request approvals and merges. 

As a result, developers can deliver features and bug fixes to users more rapidly. This faster release cycle allows teams to be more responsive to user feedback and market demands, keeping the development process agile and efficient.

Adhir Potdar

Adhir Potdar

Adhir Potdar, currently serving as the VP of Technology at Bito, brings a rich history of technological innovation and leadership from founding Isana Systems, where he spearheaded the development of blockchain and AI solutions for healthcare and social media. His entrepreneurial journey also includes co-founding Bord Systems, introducing a SaaS platform for virtual whiteboards, and creating PranaCare, a collaborative healthcare platform. With a career that spans across significant tech roles at Zettics, Symantec, PANTA Systems, and VERITAS Software, Adhir's expertise is a blend of technical prowess and visionary leadership in the technology space.

Amar Goel

Amar Goel

Amar is the Co-founder and CEO of Bito. With a background in software engineering and economics, Amar is a serial entrepreneur and has founded multiple companies including the publicly traded PubMatic and Komli Media.

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