Get a 1-month FREE trial of Bito’s AI Code Review Agent  
Get a 1-month FREE trial
of Bito’s AI Code Review Agent

The best AI-powered dev tools $15 can buy

The best AI-powered dev tools $15 can buy

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Finding bugs, fixing bugs, staying productive, shipping code, reviewing code, maintaining code… For every developer, the struggle is real. 

Bito can help. 

10X your productivity 

At $15 a month, the 10X Developer Plan upgrades your access to 400 GPT-4 requests and unlimited access to GPT-3.5 (what we call the Basic AI model). It includes unlimited code completions, comprehensive understanding of your entire codebase, and introduces Bito’s innovative AI Code Review Agent. 

Here’s a breakdown of the 10X Developer Plan’s core features: 

  • AI Code Review Agent: automatically spots bugs, code smells, and security vulnerabilities in Pull Requests and provides high-quality fixes. 
  • Unlimited AI Chats: ask technical questions inside VS Code, JetBrains IDEs, or Bito CLI for context-aware coding assistance. 
  • 400 GPT-4 requests a month: high-quality and precise responses from the most capable GPT-4 Large Language Model. 
  • AI that understands your code: by using embeddings and vector databases, Bito indexes the entire repository on your machine to provide a tailored experience. 
  • Unlimited AI code completions: real-time, personalized code suggestions as you type. 

Free vs 10X Developer Plan 

Though the 10X Developer Plan offers best-in-class AI models like GPT-4, Bito’s Free Plan remains empowering. Here’s a look at their side-by-side comparison: 

Feature Forever Free Plan 10X Developer Plan 
AI Code Review Agent No Yes 
AI that understands your code No Yes 
AI Chat in IDEs and Bito CLI Yes Yes 
AI Code Completions 100 per month (maximum of 10 completions available daily) Unlimited 
Basic AI Models (e.g. GPT-3.5 Turbo, chat-bison from Google, Claude Instant, etc.) 20 AI requests per day Unlimited 
Advanced AI Models (e.g. GPT-4, Claude 2, etc.) No 400 AI requests a month 
Pricing Free forever $15 per user per month 

Why upgrade 

Bito’s 10X Developer Plan is an investment in your development workflow. It empowers teams to ship better code, faster, and offers a ROI that scales with your usage and efficiency gains. 

Developers on the 10X Plan report a 57% improvement in code quality and a 31% faster project turnaround time. That’s not just efficiency, it’s a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced tech landscape. 

Let’s dig into each of the core features you unlock with the 10X Developer Plan

AI Code Review Agent 

Typically, senior engineers review every new code change before it gets merged into the main codebase. This process ensures quality, but it can be time-consuming, and reviews can be subjective or biased. 

Bito’s AI Code Review Agent helps automate parts of the code review process, making it faster and more efficient. This frees up developers’ time and allows them to focus on more rewarding tasks. 

It also helps reviewers stay focused and avoid context switching which can be a major productivity killer. 

Bito works seamlessly with GitHub and GitLab repositories. You can quickly get started by installing the Dev Agent via Bito Cloud or opt for a self-hosted service


  • Objectivity: AI reviews are not influenced by personal opinions or past experiences, leading to more consistent and unbiased feedback. 
  • Scalability: AI agents can efficiently analyze large codebases, identifying issues that might be missed in manual reviews. 
  • Early detection: AI can detect potential problems early in the development process, reducing the time and effort required for bug fixes. 
  • Comprehensiveness: AI reviews go beyond syntax errors, encompassing potential logic flaws, security vulnerabilities, and coding best practices. 

Code review practices that rely solely on human reviewers may lead to feedback perceived as subjective or even offensive. AI reviews eliminate this concern, providing objective and factual assessments based on established coding standards and best practices.

400 GPT-4 Requests & Unlimited Basic AI Chats 

Need help with tricky logic or syntax? 

Ask technical questions directly within your IDE or Bito CLI and receive real-time, context-aware assistance from AI models. No more switching between windows or searching online for answers. 

Spend less time struggling with technical hurdles and dedicate more time to bringing your ideas to life. 


  • Unlimited basic chats: get as many basic AI responses as you need, every day. 
  • 4x more advanced AI requests: leverage the power of GPT-4, a more advanced AI model, with 400 requests per month (previously limited to 100). Explore new ideas, generate different code variations, and receive comprehensive explanations for complex concepts. 
  • Improved accuracy and insights: advanced AI models like GPT-4 often provide more precise and informative responses. 

AI that Understands Your Code 

Bito utilizes embeddings to convert your code into numerical representations and stores them in a vector database. This allows the AI to analyze your code’s structure and relationships, similar to how humans understand language. 

When you ask a question in Bito’s chatbox with specific keywords such as “my code” or “my project,” Bito retrieves relevant information from the vector database and feeds it to the Large Language Model, enabling it to generate highly relevant and personalized suggestions tailored to your specific needs. 


  • Deeper code understanding: gain a deeper understanding of your own codebase and coding practices through the AI’s explanations and suggestions. 
  • Context-aware suggestions: get personalized and highly accurate suggestions based on the specific context of your code. 
  • Quicker onboarding of new developers: new team members can ramp up faster by learning about the codebase using context-aware guidance from the AI, reducing onboarding time and effort. 
  • Faster development: spend less time searching for solutions and focus on writing code with the AI’s real-time assistance. 
  • Improved code quality: write cleaner, more maintainable code with the help of the AI’s suggestions and insights. 

Unlimited Code Completions 

Write less, do more.  

As you type, Bito analyzes your codebase, current line, and surrounding context to understand your intent. It then generates a list of relevant and accurate code completions, including function calls, variable names, and code snippets. Choose the best option with a simple Tab key press. 

Write code significantly faster by letting Bito handle the repetitive tasks. Bito continuously learns from your coding style and preferences, refining its suggestions over time to become your coding partner. 

The 10X Developer Plan offers unlimited AI Code Completions to boost your productivity. 


  • Reduce errors: minimize typos and syntax mistakes with Bito’s accurate suggestions. 
  • Explore new possibilities: get inspired by Bito’s suggestions and discover new coding techniques. 
  • Focus on the big picture: spend less time writing code and more time on critical design and logic aspects. 
  • Multiple suggestions to choose from: Bito empowers you to control the suggestions. You can easily accept the best fit and reject irrelevant options to match your specific needs. 

How Bito stacks up to the competition 

Choosing the right AI coding tool for your workflow can be confusing. Here’s a comparison of Bito with other popular options to help you explore your options: 

AI Pair Programming 

Feature Bito GitHub Copilot Tabnine 
AI Chat Yes Yes Yes 
AI Code Completions Yes Yes Yes 
Full Codebase Understanding Yes No No 
Free Plan Available? Yes No Very limited 
Paid Plan $15 per user per month $39 per user per month $12 per user per month 

AI Code Review Agent 

Feature Bito’s AI Code Review Agent CodeRabbit CodiumAI’s PR-Agent 
Pull Request Summary Yes Yes No 
Review Effort Estimation Yes No Yes 
Static Code Analysis Yes No No 
Security Vulnerability Check Yes No No 
Code Suggestions for Fixes Yes No Yes 

Get started 

At $15 a month, the Bito 10X Developer Plan may be the powertool you need to elevate your development game. With 400 GPT-4 and unlimited GPT-3.5 requests per month, comprehensive codebase understanding, unlimited code completions, and the innovative AI Code Review Agent, you can expect to significantly reduce coding errors and speed up project turnaround times by up to 30%. 

Whether you’re battling bugs, pushing for new levels of productivity, or aiming to ship high-quality code faster, Bito equips you with the most advanced AI tools available to achieve a competitive edge.  

10X your development. Upgrade to Bito’s 10X Developer Plan.

If you’d like to trial the 10X Developer Plan for a month, reach out to and we’ll hook your account up.

Amar Goel

Amar Goel

Bito’s Co-founder and CEO. Dedicated to helping developers innovate to lead the future. A serial entrepreneur, Amar previously founded PubMatic, a leading infrastructure provider for the digital advertising industry, in 2006, serving as the company’s first CEO. PubMatic went public in 2020 (NASDAQ: PUBM). He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University.

Amar Goel

Amar Goel

Amar is the Co-founder and CEO of Bito. With a background in software engineering and economics, Amar is a serial entrepreneur and has founded multiple companies including the publicly traded PubMatic and Komli Media.

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