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Cookie Notice

Last updated: June 1, 2023

The following notice provides additional information about cookies appearing on This information includes:

Description of cookies

Description of cookies

A cookie is simply a reminder. It is a way for a website to “remember” activity or input previously engaged in by a user’s browser. By its nature, the web is stateless, meaning that anything recorded or learned at a given time on a given page is not saved or available to subsequent pages or interactions. This means that, for instance, putting an item in your shopping cart would be lost to a subsequent check out page without a reminder of what went into the cart. On the web, this function, known as state, is achieved through cookies. Cookies are not mysterious. They are nothing more than a text file which holds data in the form of a name and value, e.g. “CART_CONTAINS = ITEM_SKU_123456” or “QUANTITY = 1”. A website asks your browser to save these values and then resend them to the website on subsequent page visits.

Cookies used in advertising work the same way, in that they are simply a name and a value, but they are used to remember different things. For instance, an advertising cookie might look like PSEUDONYM=ABC123. By saving a single unique value the advertiser can use the value to remember more things like: how many times ABC123 saw a given ad or what type of content interests ABC123 so more relevant advertising can be shown or interactions with the ads measured.

Cookies are often subcategorized as 1st or 3rd party. In general, a first party cookie is a cookie from the domain (website) that you see in your URL bar, while third party cookies are cookies issued from third party content on the website. Advertising cookies typically appear in a 3rd party context. Some browsers have additional restrictions for cookies appearing in 3rd party contexts.

Types of cookies on this site

Though all cookies are the same technically (a text file with a name and a value), we categorize the cookies on this site into the following four categories based on their generalized use. These are as follows:

  • Strictly Necessary:Strictly necessary cookies are cookies which provide a material function for a service you request. Without such cookies, the website function or service you request could not occur. Strictly necessary cookies usually relate to the site’s content management system or load balancing.
  • Functionality:Functionality cookies are cookies which provide convenience to the consumer and improve the user experience, but where the absence of the cookie will not cause the site to fail.
  • Advertising:Advertising cookies are cookies used in the ad ecosystem. They may relate pseudonymous data about a user to better target an ad based on previous browsing activity or other data related to the user. They may also be used to count or limit ad exposures to a unique user or measure the postclick or exposure activity of that user.
  • Analytics:Analytics cookies are cookies used to measure website traffic and usage patterns. Analytics cookies can be used to count the number of unique visitors to a site, what lead the users to the site, how long they spend on the site or how the site is navigated.
  • Social Media Cookies:Social Media cookies are cookies issued by a social media provider that allow such providers to better understand the interests of their members. Note: where a user had provided a social media partner with their full identity, such cookies may recognize users accordingly.

Cookies appearing on this site

Strictly Necessary:

Bito –  

CookieBot –



HelpScout –

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Klaviyo –

Loom –



Facebook –

Google –

LinkedIn –



Clearbit –

Google –


Social Media:

Facebook –

LinkedIn –

Twitter –


This site contains both 1st party and 3rd party cookies. While certain cookies on this site may be both 3rd party and controlled by the Trade Desk, the Trade Desk does not control either the expiry (how long a cookie will remain on your computer) or the retention (how long the 3rd party will retain information) relating to the majority of cookies on this site which are both 3rd party and not controlled by Bito. Bito makes no representations about these cookies. For more information about these cookies, please access the privacy policies of the parties which set the cookies from the links in the table above.

Available cookie choices

Choice with respect to cookies comes in 3 forms:

  • Browser controls – All modern browsers allow you to set preferences with respect to any particular cookie issuer or more generally by 1stor 3rd
  • Opt-Out Controls – Many advertisers offer an Opt-Out function. If this is selected you still have a cookie, but the cookie is merely a placeholder to remember your choice as having opted out. It is generally of the form ID=OPT_OUT and conveys no unique information.
  • Consent Management Platform – This site has a Consent Management Platform, available here: This platform will allow you the ability to accept or reject individual cookies on this site. You can change your cookie settings for this site at any time on the Consent Management Platform.

Advertising industry opt outs include:



Cookies set by Bito will have a maximum expiry of 2 months from the last interaction with Bito. Information relating to these cookies may be retained for up to 3 months.

Changes to this notice

From time-to-time Bito may update this policy or may change the cookies on the site. The date of the last update can be found at the top of this Notice.

Additional information

For more information relating to the collection, use, sharing or security of personal information at please see our Privacy Policy.

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