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At Bito, our goal is to enable our team to have all the information readily available where they can be productive without any blockers.

Documentation Storage

Great documentation is only useful if it’s easily accessible. In a hybrid working environment, it’s crucial to ensure that documentation is stored in a way that all team members, whether working remotely or in-office, can access it efficiently.

Centralized Storage: Store documents required by multiple team members in cloud-based tools such as Confluence or Jira (or other similar tools provided by Bito). Avoid keeping important files locally on one person’s device. 

Organized Structure: Make sure to store files under the appropriate section. A well-organized structure allows your colleagues to quickly find the documents they need, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. 

By building documentation as we go and ensuring it is stored in a centralized, organized manner, we can support our hybrid team’s needs and maintain seamless productivity across all locations. 

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