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Bito Report:
Over 40% of Developers Using AI Tools Have at Least 5 Years of Experience

August 22, 2023. Menlo Park, CA –  Bito, the first company to use OpenAI and Anthropic foundational models to help developers understand their code, has conducted an analysis to find out how developers are using AI code assistant tools. 

The global analysis was conducted over Bito’s user base of 100,000+ developers who collectively  make over 1 million AI queries a week. Bito users work in companies ranging from small startups to enterprises with over 1,000 developers.

Bito developers in the US are above the global average  in using GenAI to write and refactor their code (28% of the US uses vs 20% of global average), and refer to AI less than average for explaining code (17% vs 20%).  Writing/refactoring code with AI is above average in China too, which corresponds to (24% vs 20% of global average). 

In Bito’s assessment of the effect of AI on global developers, it found that explaining code continues to consume a significant amount of developer time across all regions. Though programmers from tech heavyweights, the United States, China, and India, allocate less time to this task than the global average: 17% of the US, 15% of China and 18% of India vs 21% of global average. This suggests that there might be more experienced developers in these regions.

Additionally, the report highlights that the AI code assistant tool is used not only by beginner developers but also by over 40% of developers with more than 5 years of experience, who depend on its support in their daily tasks. 

“Bito equips developers with powerful automation tools to not only generate and improve code but also provide deep insights to developers on their own code, which dramatically accelerates  the full life cycle of software development,” said Amar Goel, CEO and Co-founder of Bito. “Bito’s global analysis shows that developers, regardless of their experience, company size and the early stage of AI software tools, are already benefiting from it, increasing their productivity by 31%,” added Goel.

Interestingly, certain countries stand out when it comes to the specific use of AI developer tools. 

For example, non-native English speakers from Western countries and users from China use the chatbot  functionality provided by Bito to find answers about programming two times more frequently than native English speakers.

Zimbabwe, as another example, uses AI to explain code four times the global average, whereas Peru and Kenya use it twice the average. Hungary is using ‘generate comment’ five times the average. Bangladesh is using ‘generate tests cases’ four times the average. And Morocco is using ‘performance check’ four times the average and ‘style check’ almost 2.5X the global average.

About Bito:

Bito is on a mission to accelerate innovation by leveraging AI to help developers supercharge their software development process. With Bito, developers can dramatically accelerate their impact with faster output, fewer bugs, and more time spent on critical thinking rather than menial work. With over 100k active users that perform over 1 million AI queries a week,  Bito helps its users increase their productivity by 31%. Developers from companies like Apple, Airbnb, NVIDIA, Salesforce, among others use Bito every day. Bito is backed by Eniac Ventures and angel investors including the CTOs of LinkedIn, Paypal, and Etsy, among others.

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