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Bito Launches With $3.2 Million Funding Round to Accelerate Personalized Software Development and Innovation With Artificial Intelligence Powered by ChatGPT

NEW YORK – June 13, 2023Bito, the first company to incorporate ChatGPT and OpenAI to understand all of a user’s code and provide personalized answers to dramatically accelerate the full lifecycle of development tasks for programmers, has launched the first publicly available version of its new platform with a $3.2 million funding round.

Bito is the first technology solution to provide customized results from code generation to testing to code documentation to code search, learning from a user’s own codebase. The company’s AI-powered coding assistant engine is currently in Alpha release, free to use, and built to work with Visual Studio Code, JetBrain IDEs, and the CLI. Current Bito users include engineers from Apple, Amazon, Airbnb, Accenture, Uber, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Nvidia, Nike, Cisco, Intel, Samsung, Lenovo, Intuit, Adobe, Qualcomm, Tesla, Alibaba, Houzz, and Riot Games.

Bito’s CEO, Amar Goel, is the former CEO and founder of PubMatic, the leading Nasdaq-traded cloud infrastructure platform enabling real-time programmatic advertising transactions. Bito’s co-founders are Anand Das, founding CTO at PubMatic, who built an infrastructure with thousands of servers handling over five petabytes of daily data, and Mukesh Agarwal, a former product leader at Microsoft and Ernst & Young.

The round was led by Eniac Ventures and was supported by The Cap Table Coalition, which aims to diversify the VC ecosystem by creating investment opportunities for Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+, Native American, women, and other traditionally marginalized investors. Funding for Bito also comes from a field of tech pioneers that includes Mohak Shroff, SVP of Engineering at LinkedIn; Sri Shivananda, CTO at PayPal; Keyur Govande, Chief Architect at Etsy; Yvonne Wassenaar, former CEO of Puppet Labs; Reza Behforooz, VP of Engineering at Google; Kruti Patel Goyal, CEO of Depop (a division of Etsy); and Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight.

Bito AI is a general-purpose AI assistant that can answer any developer question, generate source code from natural language prompts, and give feedback on existing code. The system can generate code in any programming language with natural language prompts (e.g., write a Java function to authenticate a user and provide them a welcome message) and create more time and space for developers to focus on solving problems and creating more innovative products. Bito’s users tend to use the platform nearly 200 times per month, and in surveys report that Bito makes them 31% more productive. “Bito’s AI is an intuitive solution to empower the next generation of developers to automate ever more complex tasks at scale, freeing up massive resources to focus on more important work,” said Amar Goel, CEO and Co-founder of Bito. “With the ability to write, analyze and optimize code while understanding your own codebase, the launch of Bito’s platform represents a milestone in the history of software development.”

With the Bito AI Assistant, developers can:

  • Command Syntax: Ask for the syntax of any technical command (e.g. “How to set a global variable for git?”).
  • Test Cases: Generate unit tests for their code.
  • Explain Code: Explain the selected code. Ask how this code works or what it does and relates to other code in your repository.
  • Comment Method: Generate a comment for the function or method to add to your code.
  • Improve Performance: Ask how you can improve the performance of a given code
  • selection.
  • Check Security: Ask if the selected code has any known security issues.
  • Learn Technical Concepts: Ask a question about any technical concept.

“Bito’s engine gives developers a Swiss Army Knife of capabilities, and can save the typical developer an hour or more each day that would otherwise be consumed with menial tasks while dramatically improving the quality of production systems,” said DJ Patil, former Chief Data Scientist of the United States and former Chief Data Scientist of LinkedIn.

Prashant Mahajan, CTO and Co-founder of Sequoia-funded Privado, said, “Leveraging OpenAI and soon other models such as Anthropic, Bito saves programmers substantial time and money by automating everyday tasks and enabling efficiencies across the entire spectrum of software development. We are really excited to be using it.”

About Bito

Bito is on a mission to help accelerate innovation by using AI to help developers supercharge their development. With Bito, developers can dramatically accelerate their impact with faster output, fewer bugs, and more time spent on critical thinking rather than menial work. From handling huge data sets to flying cars to web3, Bito believes that dev teams are the master masons behind intelligent software that powers mankind’s greatest inventions.
Bito is a global startup that is fully remote, with its team spread across three continents.

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