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Faster, better AI-powered code reviews.
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AI Code Review Agent

Get high quality AI code reviews

Cut code review time by 50%

A new normal for code reviews

Bito’s AI Code Review Agent returns consistent, high-quality suggestions with a focus on security, scalability, performance, and code understanding. Save your team hours and remove the interpersonal conflicts of peer reviews.

Core Capabilities

90+ point analyses every run
Multiple prompts review the code like specialized engineers in security, performance, scalability, optimization, and code structure.
AI that understands your code
Bito understands your code to bring the right context to each review, just like a senior engineer.
Pull Request Summary
A quick, detailed summary gives the reviewer context, defines the type of PR and estimates the effort to review.
Static code analysis
Built-in best in class static analysis like Astral Ruff, Mypy, fbinfer, and Sonar.
Code suggestions 
Pro quality suggestions and code fixes at the line level and inline.
Third-party tooling
Including insights from Snyk and Sonar. 
Run in the cloud 
No downloads required. A single-click solution to create multiple instances of the Agent in GitHub or GitLab. 
Run on-premises
Optionally install and run Agents via self-hosted docker images for enhanced security. 
Git support 
GitHub cloud, GitHub Enterprise (self-hosted), GitLab cloud, GitLab (self-hosted). Bitbucket and AzureDevOps coming soon. 

Specialized engineers on every PR

Designed to operate like multiple specialized engineers, from security to performance to structural integrity, Bito’s AI Code Review Agent covers 90+ analyses every run.

Line-by-line reviews

Bito’s AI that understands your code brings a comprehensive understanding of your repo to each PR to fully understand the context of your PR as well as to conduct downstream and upstream analysis across your codebase. Includes insights from third-party tools such as Snyk and Sonar.

Structured summaries

AI excels at organizing complex data into concise summaries. Each PR is rated for quality, effort, with built-in OSWASP and OSS vulnerability scanning, enabling you to take precise action.

Flexible deployment

Run on-premises or via Bito’s cloud and integrate seamlessly with GitHub and GitLab. Your tech stack, your choice.

What people are saying

Bito’s AI Code Review Agent is the first we have seen that really does the job.


Director of Engineering, Pando

It fits our process, delivers actionable feedback, and is (surprisingly) minimizing interpersonal pushback in PRs.


CTO, TrueFoundry

Teams felt a difference immediately and started saving 30% to 35% of human hours spent in code review each week.


What people are saying

Ship faster, better code

Built on top of Bito’s Dev Agent framework, the AI Code Review Agent is designed for teams ready for a better code review experience.
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