Introducing Bito’s AI Code Review Agent: cut review effort in half 
Introducing Bito’s AI Code Review Agent: cut review effort in half

How Privado Increased Productivity by 30% using Bito

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About Privado

Privado is a company that bridges the gap between privacy officers and engineering teams. It provides instant visibility into personal data usage across products through code scanning and real-time data flow diagrams. With 130 employees, they have raised $17.5M in funding.


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We spoke with Prashant Mahajan, Co-founder and CTO at Privado, who has been using Bito to optimize their development workflows. 

The Challenge

Prashant, an experienced tech thought leader, aims to boost their developer productivity. For Privado’s success, overcoming these challenges is essential to achieve its goals. 

Struggling with New Codebases: Developers at Privado faced difficulties in quickly adapting to new codebases, leading to productivity setbacks. The learning curve impacted their ability to efficiently contribute to projects. 

Test Case Writing: Despite recognizing the importance of writing test cases, it often took a backseat in the development process. This lack of focus on test case creation created potential vulnerabilities and hindered the overall quality of the code. 

Boilerplate Code Generation: Developers frequently encountered challenges in writing repetitive boilerplate code. This task consumed valuable time and impeded their ability to focus on more critical aspects of development. 

Privacy and Security in Development: As a privacy tech vendor, Privado prioritizes privacy and security in all aspects of its operations. When facing development challenges, they needed a solution that aligned with their commitment to data privacy and security. 

The Solution

After exploring various AI Coding Assistant tools, including GitHub Copilot and Tabnine, Privado ultimately chose Bito as the optimal solution due to its superior feature set and capabilities. 

Here’s what Prashant values most about Bito: 

AI Chat: Bito’s interactive AI Chat feature enabled our developers to seek assistance and get instant responses to coding queries, thereby facilitating faster problem-solving. 

Code Smell Detection: Bito excelled in identifying code smells, helping developers maintain clean and efficient codebases. It provided valuable insights to improve code quality and prevent potential issues. 

Unit Test Generation: Bito enabled Privado’s developer teams for the automated generation of unit tests, streamlining the testing process and ensuring comprehensive code coverage. This reduced the burden on developers to manually create test cases. 

Boilerplate Code Generation: Bito’s advanced capabilities extended to generate boilerplate code, significantly reducing the time spent on repetitive coding tasks. Developers were able to focus on implementing critical logic rather than writing repetitive code snippets. 

Understanding of Local Codebases: Bito showcased an exceptional understanding of local codebases, enabling it to provide contextually relevant code suggestions and assistance tailored to each project. 

Ensuring Privacy and Security: Bito adheres to strict data privacy practices, ensuring that user code is never stored, viewed, or copied. User identity remains protected as data and logs cannot be traced back to individual users. Encryption is implemented to always protect data. 

The Results

Following the implementation of Bito, Privado experienced significant improvements in productivity and developer satisfaction. The observed outcomes were as follows: 

Overall 30% Improvement in Productivity: A survey conducted among users revealed a 31% increase in productivity across various development tasks, including debugging, test case writing, and general code writing. Developers reported that Bito’s assistance had a substantial positive impact on their efficiency. 

82% of Developers Strongly Agreed on Increased Happiness: An overwhelming majority of developers (82%) using Bito expressed strong agreement that the AI Coding Assistant enhanced their overall happiness and satisfaction while working on coding projects. 

2 Hours Saved Daily: Privado developers reported saving over 2 hours per day, enabling them to allocate more time to critical tasks and project milestones. The time-saving benefits of Bito were particularly notable in eliminating the need to write test cases manually. 

Securing Privacy with Bito: Bito’s best-in-class privacy and security policies contributed to Privado’s overall success and the satisfaction of its development team. 

In the future, Privado plans to continue leveraging Bito, exploring new ways to further enhance its development workflows and reduce costs. 

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