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10 Best Automated AI Code Review Tools 2024

10 Best Automated AI Code Review Tools 2024

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Tired of slow code reviews slowing down your projects? Senior devs are busy, reviews take ages, and everyone waits. Plus, catching mistakes depends on the reviewer’s skills, and sometimes things get lost in translation.

Here’s the good news: AI code review tools can fix all that! They use clever AI to find errors and suggest improvements, saving you time and making reviews more reliable.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best automated AI code review tools, including their features and pricing details.

Quick Comparison

Below is a side-by-side comparison of various automated AI code review tools. The comparison highlights that Bito’s AI Code Review Agent outperforms other AI-powered tools in code review quality. Bito fully understands your entire codebase, enabling it to review code just like a senior developer on your team.

Integration and Review Process Features

FeatureBito’s AI Code Review AgentCodeRabbitCodiumAI’s PR-AgentCodacyCode ClimateAmazon CodeGuru ReviewerCodeScenePullRequestReviewableSnyk
Pull Request SummaryYesYesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNo
Git Provider IntegrationYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Review Effort EstimationYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Continuous/Incremental ReviewsYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo

Code Analysis and Security Features

FeatureBito’s AI Code Review AgentCodeRabbitCodiumAI’s PR-AgentCodacyCode ClimateAmazon CodeGuru ReviewerCodeScenePullRequestReviewableSnyk
Real-Time Code AnalysisYesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoYes
Static Code AnalysisYesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Security Vulnerability CheckYesNoNoNoNoYesNoNoNoYes

Advanced AI and Customization Features

FeatureBito’s AI Code Review AgentCodeRabbitCodiumAI’s PR-AgentCodacyCode ClimateAmazon CodeGuru ReviewerCodeScenePullRequestReviewableSnyk
AI-Powered Code ReviewYesYesYesYesNoYesNoYesNoNo
Auto Description/Code SuggestionsYesNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Customizable ReviewsYesYesYesNoNoNoNoYesNoNo
Machine Learning ModelsYesYesNoNoNoYesNoNoNoYes
Feedback MechanismYesNoYesNoYesYesYesNoNoNo

Compliance and Language Support Features

FeatureBito’s AI Code Review AgentCodeRabbitCodiumAI’s PR-AgentCodacyCode ClimateAmazon CodeGuru ReviewerCodeScenePullRequestReviewableSnyk
Issue ValidationYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Data Privacy ComplianceYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Comprehensive Language SupportYesNoNoYesNoYesNoYesNoYes

Pricing Details

PricingBito’s AI Code Review AgentCodeRabbitCodiumAI’s PR-AgentCodacyCode ClimateAmazon CodeGuru ReviewerCodeScenePullRequestReviewableSnyk
Free Plan Available?Yes! Get a 1-month FREE trial.YesYesYesYesFree TrialYesYes (Limited)YesYes
Paid Plan$15 per user per month (billed monthly)$12 per month (billed annually) or $15 monthly per contributing developer$19 per user per month$15 per user per month (billed annually) or $18 billed monthly$16.67 per user per month (billed annually) or $20 billed monthly$10 for first 100K lines of code. $30 per each additional 100k lines of code.€27 Per active user per month (billed annually)$129 per user per month$16 per user per monthStarting at $25 per month per product

1. Bito’s AI Code Review Agent

Bito’s AI Code Review Agent conducts a human-like code review, using the latest Generative AI models. This tool is expert at examining every Pull/Merge Request in a repository, swiftly identifying issues such as errors, code smells, and security vulnerabilities. 

Its integration with common git platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, ensures a seamless blend into existing workflows. 

Bito’s focus is deeply understanding your existing codebase via multiple mechanisms to improve the code suggestions and fixes the AI Code Review Agent provides. RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) is used, but more importantly Bito uses additional approaches such as dynamic symbol search engine to find all the relevant symbols (like function names, class names).  This returns within 10s of milliseconds all the symbols in the code being changed.  Bito then uses Abstract Syntax Trees we build per language to crawl the code tree to find the relevant context (like take a function name and find the class it’s within).  This is key to providing good code understanding to help LLMs understand your code changes and the greater code context.

Here’s some more info on Bito’s approach: How does Bito’s “AI that understands your code” work?

What sets Bito’s AI Code Review Agent apart is its understanding of code, availability in the IDE to provide suggestions as developer write code, enterprise reporting, and customization options. It’s designed to align with diverse team workflows and specific needs. 

Additionally, Bito offers the ability to create custom AI Agents using their open framework. These custom agents can understand your code, interact with an organization’s specific data and tools, and even be shared globally. This flexibility positions Bito’s tool as a highly versatile solution in the evolving landscape of code review and management. 


  • Deep Code Understanding: Deep understanding of your code including libraries, frameworks, functionality to improve code review.
  • PR Summary: Quick, comprehensive overviews of pull requests. 
  • Review Effort Estimation: Evaluates PR complexity for better scheduling. 
  • AI Code Review: Assesses security, performance, scalability, optimization, impact on existing features, code structure, and coding standards. 
  • Tailored Code Suggestions: Precise, line-specific improvement suggestions. 
  • Static Code Analysis: In-depth analysis with tools like fbinfer and Sonar. 
  • Security Vulnerability Check: Uses tools like OWASP Dependency-Check for detecting severe security flaws. 
  • Feedback Integration: Directly posts comments in PRs/MRs. 
  • Real-Time Feedback: (Upcoming) Instant code feedback in IDE. 

Pricing Details

Free plan: Yes! Get a 1-month FREE trial.

Paid plan: $15 per user per month (billed monthly)  

2. CodeRabbit

CodeRabbit is an AI-driven platform that revolutionizes the way we conduct code reviews. It employs advanced AI models like gpt-3.5-turbo and gpt-4 to provide instant, line-by-line insights on pull requests, saving time and ensuring early issue detection. The platform’s collaborative chat feature and continuous, incremental reviews further enhance efficiency and align with individual coding preferences. 

CodeRabbit prioritizes data privacy, adhering to SOC2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPAA standards. 

It stands out from traditional tools by providing human-like review feedback, addressing issues beyond linting and static code analysis. 

User testimonials underscore its impact, reducing review time, improving code quality, and offering unique features like issue validation and customizable reviews. 

Overall, CodeRabbit is an innovative, user-friendly AI application transforming code reviews for developers, ensuring a more efficient and insightful coding experience. 


  • Context-Aware Feedback: Provides intelligent, rapid feedback, detecting issues missed by other tools. 
  • Chat Interaction: Enables in-code conversations with the bot for context, queries, and code generation. 
  • Continuous Reviews: Offers ongoing, incremental reviews through GitHub and GitLab integration. 
  • Issue Validation: Checks code changes against related issues to foresee impacts. 
  • PR Summarization: Creates concise technical and non-technical summaries of pull requests. 
  • Deep Code Insights: Offers thorough codebase verification and in-depth understanding. 
  • Customizable Reviews: Allows feedback customization to meet specific coding requirements. 
  • Data Privacy: Ensures data confidentiality complying with SOC2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPAA, with opt-out options. 
  • Smart Review Skipping: Omits detailed reviews for minor changes, concentrating on crucial elements. 
  • Incremental Large PR Reviews: Efficiently handles large pull requests with up to 100 files, ensuring accuracy and time efficiency. 

Pricing Details

Free plan: Yes 

Paid plan: $12 per month (billed annually) or $15 monthly per contributing developer 

3. CodiumAI’s PR-Agent

CodiumAI’s PR-Agent is an open-source AI tool specifically designed to enhance Pull Request (PR) analysis and feedback. By automating the review process, this tool aims to make PRs less time-consuming and more efficient. 

Whether for small personal projects or large enterprise solutions, PR-Agent caters to all with customizable plans. 

Hosted options are available for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, providing flexibility for either self-hosting for greater control or a fully managed service for ease of use. It allows developers to seamlessly interact with PR-Agent within their usual work environment, streamlining the PR approval process. 

PR-Agent stands out as a highly intelligent, AI-powered assistant that aids in automating the analysis of PRs. It offers a range of feedback options, such as auto-description, PR review, and code suggestions. 

This tool is not just about identifying problems; it also provides solutions and improvements, significantly reducing the time developers spend on PRs. 


  • Auto Description: Generates a comprehensive PR description, including title, type, summary, and a code walkthrough. 
  • Auto Review: Provides adjustable feedback on various aspects of the PR, including theme, type, tests, and security issues. 
  • Question Answering: Answers free-text questions about specific details of the PR. 
  • Code Suggestions: Offers actionable, committable code suggestions to refine and improve the PR. 
  • Update Changelog: Automatically updates the file with details from the PR. 
  • Find Similar Issue: Identifies and presents issues similar to the one being addressed in the PR. 
  • Add Documentation: Automatically adds necessary documentation to modified methods, functions, or classes. 
  • Generate Custom Labels: Suggests custom labels for the PR based on the code changes. 
  • Analyze: Performs a thorough analysis of the PR, presenting a detailed walkthrough for each component. 
  • Custom Suggestions: Generates tailored suggestions for PR code improvements, based on user-defined guidelines. 
  • Generate Tests: Automatically creates unit tests for selected components, aligning with the PR’s code changes. 

Pricing Details

Free plan: Yes 

Paid plan: $19 per user per month 

4. Codacy

Codacy is an automated code quality and coverage platform that analyzes your source code in real-time, providing valuable insights and suggestions for improvement. It supports over 40 programming languages, including popular ones like JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, and PHP. 

By seamlessly integrating with your Git provider, it tracks your team’s progress, identifies issues, and suggests fixes, ensuring clean, secure code effortlessly. 


  • Real-time Code Analysis: Instant source code analysis for continuous quality assurance. 
  • Support for 40+ Languages: Covers a wide array of languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, PHP. 
  • Git Integration: Tracks progress, analyzes commits, and protects codebase in Git. 
  • Automated Issue Detection: Detects code format, standard violations, and security risks. 
  • AI-driven Suggestions: Provides AI-based fixes within Git for code complexity and performance issues. 
  • Unified Security Tools: Comprehensive security suite including SAST, SCA, and more. 
  • Code Coverage Monitoring: Tracks test coverage with insights into line, diff, and variation coverage. 
  • Enforced Coding Standards on Pull Requests: Applies coding standards consistently to pull requests. 
  • Data-Driven Insights with DORA Metrics: Offers insights using DORA metrics for performance tracking. 
  • Comprehensive Performance Benchmarking: Sets benchmarking goals for coding practices and project improvement. 

Pricing Details

Free plan: Yes 

Paid plan: $15 per user per month (billed annually) or $18 billed monthly 

5. Code Climate

Code Climate offers an automated solution for enhancing code quality and efficiency. It streamlines the review process by providing automated comments on pull requests and a detailed 10-point technical debt assessment. 

This tool delivers real-time feedback, enabling developers to focus on critical aspects of their code. It’s designed to ensure quality and maintainability in code development, promoting confidence in code merging. 

The platform stands out for its comprehensive approach to code management. It offers line-by-line test coverage within diffs, ensuring that no code is merged without sufficient testing. Its maintainability alerts help developers tackle technical debt by highlighting files with coverage and maintainability issues. Additionally, Code Climate aids in prioritizing code by correlating quality information with areas of high churn, enabling teams to concentrate on the most impactful issues. 


  • Pull Request Statuses: Offers coverage and maintainability statuses for each pull request, providing detailed insights. 
  • Initial Review Analysis: Analyzes initial pull request responses to assess review quality. 
  • Coverage: Tracks the percentage of files commented on to measure code review thoroughness. 
  • Speed: Measures ‘Time to Review’ from pull request opening to initial review, indicating review responsiveness. 
  • Influence: Assesses the impact of review comments on code changes and responses. 
  • Reviewers Analysis: Provides metrics on reviewer involvement to highlight bottlenecks and ensure balanced participation. 
  • Browser Extension: Enhances GitHub accessibility and integration via a convenient browser extension. 
  • Full REST API: Allows for extensive customizations and integrations through a complete REST API. 
  • Shared Configurations: Enables organization-wide configurations for team consistency. 
  • Local IDE Analytics: Supports immediate feedback in development with IDE/editor integrations and command-line interfaces. 
  • 3rd-Party Integrations: Integrates with Jira, Trello, and GitHub Issues, enhancing workflow management. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Ensures robust security with GitHub OAuth, two-factor authentication, and enterprise-grade protocols. 
  • GitHub Repos Support: Offers seamless integration for repositories. 
  • Secure Data Handling: Ensures data security with encryption and fine-grained permissions. 

Pricing Details

Free plan: Yes 

Paid plan: $16.67 per user per month (billed annually) or $20 billed monthly

6. Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer leverages machine learning and program analysis to identify and suggest improvements for complex defects in Java and Python code. It stands out for its ability to pinpoint issues not typically caught during standard code reviews, thereby enhancing code quality and maintainability. 

This service, now widely available, integrates seamlessly into the development workflow, providing vital insights during the code review phase. 

CodeGuru Reviewer focuses on high-level recommendations rather than basic syntactic errors. It excels in identifying intricate problems, offering solutions for resource leaks, security issues, and more. 

This tool is particularly useful for developers working with AWS, as it includes integration with AWS Secrets Manager for detecting unprotected secrets in code. Its compatibility with various source providers like AWS CodeCommit, Bitbucket, GitHub, and Amazon S3 (via GitHub Actions) adds to its versatility. 


  • Advanced Program Analysis: Detects complex code issues for higher code quality. 
  • Machine Learning Models: Trained on extensive code data for accurate, relevant recommendations. 
  • Support for Java and Python: Tailored for these languages, catering to many developers. 
  • Integration with Source Providers: Compatible with AWS CodeCommit, Bitbucket, GitHub, etc., for easy workflow integration. 
  • AWS Secrets Manager Integration: Identifies unprotected secrets via a secrets detector. 
  • Actionable Recommendations: Offers practical advice for resource management and security. 
  • Low False Positive Rate: Provides relevant suggestions with minimal false positives. 
  • Incremental and Full Repository Analysis: Supports both types of code reviews for flexibility. 
  • Customizable Analysis: Allows exclusion of specific files/directories using ‘aws-codeguru-reviewer.yml’. 
  • Feedback Mechanism: Developer feedback enhances tool’s accuracy and effectiveness. 

Pricing Details

Free plan: Free trial for 90 days for up to 100K lines of code 

Paid plan: $10 for first 100K lines of code. $30 per each additional 100k lines of code.

7. CodeScene

CodeScene, an innovative tool designed to automate code reviews, significantly enhances the software development process. It seamlessly integrates with pull requests, offering a dual advantage: it acts as a quality gate and provides an early feedback loop. 

This integration is crucial in modern software development, where maintaining and improving code quality amidst complex systems is a challenging task. CodeScene steps in to ensure that the code doesn’t deteriorate over time, making it easier to read, understand, and maintain. 

The solution offered by CodeScene is both practical and timely. 

By automating code reviews within pull requests, it not only detects code quality issues but also guides developers towards improving the codebase. This approach is beneficial for keeping the code aligned with set standards and goals. 

It acts as a quality controller, giving instant feedback and recommendations, which are vital for steering the code in the desired direction. 


  • Instant Feedback: CodeScene provides quick feedback on code health declines in hotspots with detailed explanations and suggestions. 
  • Code Quality Protection: Teams can set and maintain code quality standards, with alerts for deviations and hotspot health declines. 
  • Pull Request Supervision: Offers immediate code improvement recommendations during pull requests to enhance code health. 
  • Health Trend Monitoring: CodeScene monitors code health trends over time for a dynamic view of system evolution. 
  • Trend-Based Targets: Allows setting targets and goals based on code development trend measures. 
  • Feedback for Organization and Developers: Delivers crucial feedback for organizational decisions and developer improvement. 
  • Automated Code Reviews: Streamlines the review process for time efficiency and consistent quality checks. 
  • Git Hosting Integration: Supports automated integration with major Git platforms for versatile development environments. 
  • Build Pipeline Compatibility: Compatible with Jenkins and other build pipelines for CI/CD workflows. 
  • Open REST API: Offers an open REST API for custom project-specific integrations. 

Pricing Details

Free plan: Yes 

Paid plan: €27 Per active user per month (billed annually) 

8. PullRequest

PullRequest utilize both expert human engineers and AI technology to enhance the code review process of pull requests. This service is designed to cater to development teams of varying sizes, ranging from small groups to large corporations. 

It supports a wide array of programming languages and frameworks, ensuring comprehensive coverage for diverse coding projects. 

PullRequest’s primary goal is to help teams deploy better quality code more quickly, while also identifying and rectifying security vulnerabilities and performance issues before the code reaches production. This integration happens within the existing tools and workflows of the development team, providing a seamless and efficient experience. 

The platform has a notable feature where AI-powered tools assist human reviewers in identifying high-risk areas in code, thus focusing on crucial aspects that require attention. 

PullRequest’s network of reviewers is impressive, comprising senior engineers with experience in top tech organizations. These reviewers not only provide quality code reviews but also share valuable knowledge, helping to elevate the skills and standards of the client’s development team. 

The service is designed to save time for senior staff and improve overall code quality, ensuring that the final product is secure and performs well. This approach to code review is both innovative and efficient, aiming to transform the traditional code review process into a more advanced, effective practice. 


  • AI-Powered Selection: AI targets key code sections for high-security risks, streamlining reviews. 
  • Expert Review: Senior developers from top firms review high-risk changes for thorough analysis. 
  • Speedy Reviews: Reviews mostly done within 90 minutes, accelerating secure code deployment. 
  • Custom Workflows: Tailored workflows emphasize high-risk changes and general code checks. 
  • Vetted Experts: Access to top engineering talent for superior feedback and learning. 
  • Quality Focus: Enhances code by spotting security flaws, bugs, and advising on architecture and readability. 
  • Quick Cycles: Reduces review bottlenecks, offering fast review turnaround. 
  • Data Insights: Offers actionable metrics via dashboards and weekly summaries to refine development processes. 

Pricing Details

Free plan: Yes, only access to metrics and benchmarks. 

Paid plan: $129 per user per month

9. Reviewable

Reviewable is a specialized code review platform that exclusively supports GitHub repositories. It stands out for its thoroughness, ensuring every discussion is resolved before considering the review complete. The tool is designed with a customizable framework, allowing teams to set their own criteria for review completion. 

Reviewable also excels in efficiency, adeptly handling changes in code—even if commits are rebased or amended. It simplifies the review process by displaying net changes since the last review. 

Its focus is solely on GitHub and GitHub Enterprise, which enables a smooth integration without the clutter of unnecessary features. This tool is ideal for teams seeking efficient and comprehensive code reviews within the GitHub ecosystem. 

The tool boasts a range of features to streamline code reviews. 

Instant diff viewing between any two file revisions is possible in both unified and side-by-side formats. Reviewable allows hiding of minor changes, such as whitespace alterations and merge/rebase deltas, to focus on significant code changes. 

Its intelligent line mapping ensures comments remain linked to the relevant lines across file revisions until issues are fully resolved. 

Tracking who reviewed which file revision ensures comprehensive coverage and avoids overlooking changes. Users can choose to review combined commits or each commit individually. Personalization options like adjustable line length margins, fonts, colors, and keyboard shortcuts enhance the user experience. 

Direct navigation from comments to the corresponding location in one’s preferred editor, a modern user interface, comprehensive contextual help, and quick support all contribute to a seamless review process. 

Integration is further simplified as users sign in with their GitHub account, avoiding the hassle of managing separate accounts. With Reviewable, code remains on GitHub’s servers, maintaining data security and integrity. 


  • Instant Diff Viewing: Compare any two revisions of a file easily. 
  • Hide Minor Changes: Focus on significant code changes by hiding minor edits. 
  • Intelligent Line Mapping: Keep track of comments across revisions until fully resolved. 
  • Revision Tracking: Monitor who reviewed which part of the code. 
  • Flexible Review Options: Choose between reviewing combined commits or individual ones. 
  • Customizable Interface: Tailor line length, fonts, colors, and shortcuts to your preference. 
  • Editor Integration: Jump directly from comments to the corresponding code in your favorite editor. 
  • Modern UI: Enjoy a clean and user-friendly interface. 
  • Contextual Help and Support: Access comprehensive help and prompt support. 
  • GitHub Integration: Sign in with GitHub account for a seamless experience. 

Pricing Details

Free plan: Yes 

Paid plan: $16 per user per month

10. Snyk

Snyk offers a developer-focused approach to Static Application Security Testing (SAST), ensuring code security in real-time during the development process. It integrates seamlessly into the developer’s workflow, providing security intelligence and remediation advice without causing disruptions. 

This tool is designed to assist teams in identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities swiftly and efficiently. Snyk Code’s emphasis on a developer-friendly experience is evident in its ability to deliver fast, accurate, and actionable results directly within the integrated development environment (IDE), enhancing both security and productivity. 

The platform boasts numerous features that cater to the modern development landscape. 

Its real-time scanning capability allows for immediate vulnerability detection and fixing, eliminating the wait for traditional SAST reports. Snyk supports a wide range of languages and tools, and continuously expands its coverage. 

The backbone of Snyk Code is its revolutionary knowledge base, powered by a machine learning engine that analyzes millions of open-source libraries. 

This AI-augmented system prioritizes top code risks and integrates security into various stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including IDE, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), and in-workflow testing. Snyk’s AI, built with DeepCode technology, is tailored specifically for secure development, boasting unmatched scanning accuracy and developer-friendly fix recommendations. 


  • Developer-Friendly Interface: Offers guidance for fixing issues without disrupting the development process. 
  • Real-Time Scanning and Fixing: Enables immediate scanning and remediation of vulnerabilities in the code. 
  • Comprehensive Language and Tool Coverage: Supports a wide array of programming languages, IDEs, and CI/CD tools. 
  • Advanced Knowledge Base: Utilizes a machine learning engine to constantly enhance security tooling based on global open-source contributions. 
  • Risk Prioritization: Helps in identifying and focusing on the most critical code risks. 
  • Integrated Security in Daily Workflow: Seamlessly integrates security testing into the regular development process. 
  • AI-Augmented Developer Experience: Employs DeepCode AI for rapid and accurate vulnerability detection and fixing.
  • CI/CD Security Gate: Integrates vulnerability scans into the build process for enhanced application security.
  • Customizable Testing and Rules: Allows for the creation of custom queries and rules using DeepCode AI Search.

Pricing Details

Free plan: Yes

Paid plan: Starting at $25 per month per product


In this article, I have presented a comprehensive overview of the best AI code review tools currently available. Each tool offers unique features, pricing options, and capabilities, catering to different needs and preferences in the coding community.

It’s important for developers to consider these aspects when choosing the right tool for their projects. By integrating these AI-driven solutions into the code review process, developers can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall code quality.

Remember, the right tool can make a significant difference in your coding workflow and project success. Choose wisely based on your specific requirements and budget.

Anand Das

Anand Das

Anand is Co-founder and CTO of Bito. He leads technical strategy and engineering, and is our biggest user! Formerly, Anand was CTO of Eyeota, a data company acquired by Dun & Bradstreet. He is co-founder of PubMatic, where he led the building of an ad exchange system that handles over 1 Trillion bids per day.

Amar Goel

Amar Goel

Amar is the Co-founder and CEO of Bito. With a background in software engineering and economics, Amar is a serial entrepreneur and has founded multiple companies including the publicly traded PubMatic and Komli Media.

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