Get Bito’s latest Global Developer Report on AI Use in Software Development! Download Now
Get Bito’s latest report on AI Use in Software Development! Download Now

Automated AI-Generated Documentation

Automate your code documentation with AI, tailored prompts and adaptable workflows

Auto-generate and update docs for
your code

Create and maintain knowledge for your new and legacy code with automatically generated and updated docs through AI.

Improve Code Comprehension

Code documentation by Bito AI, which understands your codebase, substantially improve comprehension of new and legacy code for faster onboarding.

Reduce Cost and Improve Quality

Significantly reduce the maintenance cost and increase quality of code with auto-generated and updated doc.

Automation tailored to your needs

Create high-level summaries of code repositories, add file-level details, or document code flows. You define what and how to document with structured, flexible pre-built prompts.

Integrate into your SDLC Workflow

Add code document automation to your SDL – backfill documentation for legacy code and include it in your CI/CD for regular updates.
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