Get Bito’s latest Global Developer Report on AI Use in Software Development! Download Now
Get Bito’s latest report on AI Use in Software Development! Download Now

Automated AI-Generated Tests

Define your test automation requirement, and let Bito AI handle the rest

AI Generated Test Automation

Integrate Bito AI in your SDLC process to automatically generate and update unit tests – achieve 100% code coverage!

Accelerate development

Developers enjoy coding but often find test automation tedious. Bito AI significantly cuts down the time spent on writing test automation, speeding up the development process.

Improve Quality

Bito AI auto-updates test automation in line with code changes, helping improve code quality at every stage of development.

Test automation tailored to you

Specify your test automation requirements like test framework, behaviors, and scope to customize automation to your needs.

Integrate in your SDLC Workflow

Let developers generate unit tests in their local development environment or integrate into your CI/CD process.
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