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45% of Highly Effective Software Engineering Teams are Using AI in the SDLC, According to New Report from Bito

Global survey explores how teams are using AI tools to impact the software development lifecycle across nearly 700 companies

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA, US, December 5, 2023 — Software development teams are quickly incorporating AI into their daily work, with 45% of engineers in highly effective teams currently using AI in their software development process and 73% of those using AI reporting that they already use AI several times a day according to a new survey fromΒ Bito, a development software acceleration platform.

The report, β€œInsights: Real World AI Use in Software Development,” outlines findings across nearly 700 companies on how they are using artificial intelligence in their development efforts. The data underscores the continued and rapid adoption of AI in the development process from everything to code writing, code review, design, and architecture.

It is really incredible to see the rate of exploration and adoption of AI within software development teams”

β€” Amar Goel

β€œWe were keen to understand better how AI is being used by engineers and developers today and how it could help them in the future,” said Amar Goel, co-founder and CEO of Bito. β€œWe found that highly effective software developer teams are leading the revolution by aggressively adopting AI and
seeing considerable gains.”

Highlights from the report include:

● 45% of highly effective software teams are broadly using AI tools in their software development process and 31% are seeing productivity gains of over 60%.
● Of the firms surveyed using AI, 77% started using AI tools within the last 6 months.
● Of the firms surveyed who are not already using AI, 83% of participants plan to start using AI in software development in the next 12 months.
● High-performing development teams are using AI tools in three main areas: 90% to write code, 48% for debugging, and 42% for code review.

Bito conducted research in partnership with Benchmark-it to understand the state of AI in software development. The results indicate that the primary benefits of AI implementation include improved code quality (57% of respondents), accelerated learning of the codebase (49%), and developer satisfaction (46%).

β€œIt is really incredible to see the rate of exploration and adoption of AI within software development teams,” Goel said. β€œThese numbers point to what we believe will be near ubiquitous adoption of AI tools to speed the time to market, increase efficiencies, and improve quality in both individual and team-oriented development work.”

About Bito

Bito is on a mission to drive innovation by leveraging AI to help developers supercharge their software development process. With Bito, developers can dramatically accelerate their impact with faster output, fewer bugs, and more time spent on critical thinking rather than menial work. With over 100,000 active users that perform over 1 million AI queries per week, Bito helps its users increase their productivity by 31%. Developers from companies like Apple, Airbnb, NVIDIA, Salesforce, among others use Bito every day. Bito is backed by Eniac Ventures and angel investors including the CTOs of LinkedIn, Paypal, and Etsy.

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