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Faster, better AI-powered code reviews.
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Suitable for
Students, Hobbyists
Number of AI requests
AI Engine
AI model used
GPT-3.5 and similar
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Max context length
(Prompt + Output)
40,000 characters
Local language Input and Output
Features - AI Code Completions
AI code completions
Single line completion
Comment to code
Features - Chat
Chat mode
Diff view
Automatically insert code into your IDE
Code formatting
Regenerate answer
Pre-defined one-click templates
Explain Code, Performance Check, Generate Test Cases, Generate Comment.
IDE extensions
Bito on Web
Create and use custom prompt one-click templates
Up to 4
Macro support in custom templates
AI that understands your code
10MB max repo size
Intelligent AI Automation Agents
Multiple available agents
Documentation, tests, release notes, & make your own
File length
Short files
Available AI model
GPT 3.5 & similar
Privacy & Security
You own the content
Your data doesn't train model
Your data is secure
Multi-member workspace
Team management
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Bots to help you
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