Introducing Bito’s AI Code Review Agent: cut review effort in half 
Introducing Bito’s AI Code Review Agent: cut review effort in half

Bito Company Handbook

1. Introduction 👋

Our company is a very early-stage startup that hopes to dramatically improve how developers collaborate, especially in a remote world.  Our founders have started, built, and taken a company public worth over $2B.  We are looking to take our learnings, learn a lot along with you, and do something more exciting this time.   We are on that initial dreamy, crazy journey of finding product market fit.  It will be incredibly challenging but hopefully also very rewarding!

At Bito, right from our inception, we are completely remote. This affords us the opportunity to work with team members from diverse backgrounds all around the world.

We have no formal physical office and no standard working hours, as we span multiple time zones.

There are incredible benefits to working in a remote-first fashion – access to talent from around the world, flexible working hours for team members with families or other commitments, and the freedom to work from wherever you are most comfortable.

While there are many upsides to working remotely, we need to be intentional about developing our company culture and working principles, in lieu of spending time in person in a physical office. This means we need to overemphasize asynchronous, clear but concise communication, and detailed documentation on all processes and decision frameworks. 

2. Bito Culture

What’s a tech startup without a great company culture? We honestly don’t know. That’s because we work hard to create a great culture that features a collaborative atmosphere and great company perks. Perks which include fully remote positions and fun quarterly get togethers to name a few but we’ll talk more about that in the benefits section. For now, click on the Culture section to check out our mission, vision and values to really get to know our goals!

3. Remote Work Playbook

We are truly living in a time like no other. The past few years have fundamentally challenged the ways we view work. And, like we mentioned before, we think that remote work is a great benefit. That time we would normally spend sitting in traffic can be better spent being productive. There are some things we have to take care of when it comes to working from home though. Those things include how we work together collaboratively in the remote environment but also how we take care of ourselves at the same time. Take a look at our remote playbook to see what we mean.

4. Communication

At Bito, communication is what we do. Our whole goal is to help people seamlessly communicate and work together in a single place to make their lives easier. That is why communication is so important here. We understand that there are certainly challenges to good communication practices in a fully remote workplace. Especially considering we have team members in multiple different countries spanning several time zones. Just remember, “when in doubt, reach out!” Read our quick guide on company communication.

5. Meeting Guidelines

One of the biggest differences between office work and remote work is interaction. Since we no longer meet in person regularly, it is important that we stay in contact. This is why we have regular meetings to keep us on the same page and help us to focus our goals. To make sure we do this effectively, there are some standard guidelines we observe to make sure we are prepared for meeting, engaged in them and follow through on our tasks we get from the. Take a look at our simply Meeting Guidelines section so you can be setup for success.

6. Documentation

If you have been reading through this handbook with me, you may have noticed a trend: remote work has some unique challenges. That is not to say it is more difficult or less productive than office work; it’s just a bit different. When we work with a team through different time zones, we are naturally going to have different scheduled. This is where good documentation comes into play. To help us stay organized in our daily routines while working efficiently with others who have entirely different routines. Essentially, robust documentation can give others insight into your work when they don’t have the ability to ask for it. Check out the documentation page for more info.

7. Vacation and Leave Policies

At Bito, we understand the importance of balance. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a comprehensive time off package, including generous holiday pay. We believe in supporting our employees’ passions outside of work, whether it’s spending time with family, pursuing hobbies, or simply recharging. With Bito, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have the flexibility and support to thrive both professionally and personally. Join us and experience the perfect blend of work and play!

8. Benefits

We know that building a great business with great people is about more than getting everything we can from our team. It is also about what we can give back to them; how we can enrich and empower them. In pursuing this notion, we have put together a generous benefits package and we are regularly brainstorming about how we can improve it. It’s about reciprocity. Give and take. Feel free to go over our benefits package which is laid out in more detail on the benefits page.

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