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Bito Company Handbook

1. Introduction ๐Ÿ‘‹

Bito believes software development will change dramatically over the next 5-10 years, driven by the incredible capabilities of Generative AI. Software developers will become 10-20 times more productive, and the amount of new software built in the world will increase dramatically. We believe this will happen via agents that can complete an entire workflow or task. Bito aims to be a leader in the GenAI tools that will enable this transformation.

Bito is building accessible, accurate AI agents trusted by developers across the world. Designed to help software engineers ship faster, better code, Bito offers a lineup of tools including AI Code Review Agents, AI Chat in your IDE or CLI, and AI that understands your code.ย 

Over 100,000 developers already use Bitoโ€™s tools every month.ย ย 

Bito’s first agent, the AI Code Review Agent, enables high quality AI code reviews that cut down human engineering time in pull requests by 50%.

Our founders have previously started, built, and taken a company public (NASDAQ: PUBM), worth well over US$1B. We are looking to take our learnings, learn a lot along with you, and do something more exciting this time. This journey will be incredibly rewarding and incredibly difficult!

We are building this company with a hybrid working approach, with our main teams for time zone management in the US and in India. The founders are based in Silicon Valley and India.

2. Bito Culture

At Bito, we believe that our culture is the heartbeat of our success. Weโ€™ve meticulously crafted an environment that is collaborative, inclusive, and dynamic, where every team member feels valued and empowered. Click on the culture section to explore our mission, vision, and values and get to know our goals better!

3. Remote Work Playbook

We are truly living in a time like no other. The past few years have fundamentally challenged the ways we view work. And, like we mentioned before, we think that remote work is a great benefit. That time we would normally spend sitting in traffic can be better spent being productive. There are some things we have to take care of when it comes to working from home though. Those things include how we work together collaboratively in the remote environment but also how we take care of ourselves at the same time. Take a look at our remote playbook to see what we mean.

3. Communication

In a hybrid working environment, communication is vital, especially since our team members work both remotely and in-office across various countries and time zones. We might lose some opportunities for casual chat that naturally occur in an in-person setting. This can lead to our team members feeling less connected unless we are intentional about incorporating informal or social conversations into our working days. Read our quick guide on communication.

4. Meeting Guidelines

One of the biggest differences between working from office and working remotely is interaction. Since we may not meet in person regularly, it is important that we stay in contact. This is why we have regular meetings to keep us on the same page and help us to focus our goals. To make sure we do this effectively, here are a few guidelines to ensure we are prepared for meeting, engaged in them and follow through on the task we receive. Take a look at our Meeting Guidelines section so you can be well prepared and set up for success.

5. Documentation

As a startup, we are constantly enabling our team with new tools and creating new processes. The easiest way to build up a strong set of documentation is to โ€œbuild as we go.โ€ When we create a new process or configure a new tool, consider if other people will need to use it in the future. If so, it makes sense to take a little bit of extra time to put together quick documentation so it can be ready for future use. Our goal is to enable our team to have all the information readily available where they can be productive without any blockers.

6. Vacation and Leave Policies

We provide a comprehensive time-off package, including holidays, to support our employeesโ€™ passions outside of work. Whether itโ€™s spending time with family, pursuing hobbies, or simply recharging, we believe in nurturing a healthy work-life balance.

Join us and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having the flexibility and support to thrive both professionally and personally. At Bito, you’ll experience the perfect blend of work and play, allowing you to be your best self in and out of the office.

7. Benefits

At Bito, we believe that building a great business with great people is about more than just maximizing productivity. It’s about enriching and empowering our team. To embody this philosophy, weโ€™ve crafted a benefits package and are constantly brainstorming ways to enhance it. Dive into our detailed benefits package on the benefits page.
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